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Dear Parents, 

It is my pleasure and honor to welcome you back for a new school year that shall be blessed with success, and fulfillment B”H.

It has been a couple of months that we have learned how to adapt and survive and this has challenged us in incredible ways. It has challenged our parenting skills, and it has challenged us in our relationship with Hashem. 

We have one word to describe our Coronavirus experience. That word is Nisayon- a test. This is just one more example of the mysterious ways of Hashem, and how He tests us. Although it may be a unique Nisayon We must get the message. So, what does it mean if it’s a nisayon?

We have principles that determine how we deal with a nisayon. When we view Coronavirus as a huge, life-changing event, when we get overwhelmed by the pain and challenges, we can lose sight of the fact that this is a nisayon directly from Hashem. It is custom-made for each one of us. Mesilat Yesharim teaches us that everything that happens to us in life is a nisayon. We don’t control what happens to us. Our job in this world is to respond effectively to each and every nisayon. How we respond to a nisayon defines us. 

There is a lot what we’ve learned and how we’ve grown from this most powerful Corona virus- nisayon: 

-Appreciation of life : each breath is a gift

-In challenging times, when all our illusions have been stripped away, we are closer to Hashem. This is what it means “Living with Hashem”: we need to  internalize that He is the Boss.

-This situation has given each one of us a unique opportunity of “Who are you?”. We are handed an opportunity to clarify for ourselves, our families, and our communities, that our lives are defined by Torah and mitzvot. 

– What’s the purpose of Hashem giving us family? Only to transmit the mesorah. If Hashem gave me this family, then He gave it to me for a reason. There are things that only I can add to my family. What is it that is unique about me? What are my values? What is really meaningful to me? On a more basic level, we’ve all spent more time with our families. We’ve learned about one another and hopefully built a stronger connection. As we go back to our old lives, we dare not let this get lost. Only one thing matters- Our families.

Our travels through life are meant to teach us the lessons we need to succeed in life. Success is defined by how we learn and implement from these lessons.  

As we slowly contemplate reentering our normal lives, we must ensure that we appreciate the incredible gift that life has given us. Let’s not forget the message of Corona 2020.

You are entrusting us with that what is most precious to you: your dear children, and we hope to live up to your expectations.

Our main goal is to unify our whole community through the power of Torah study: unity is what gives us strength in our challenging times.

We strive to instill in our students the desire to grow in all domains: in Torah knowledge,  in-depth understanding, in strengthening their faith in Hashem and in developing a refined character, with respect and empathy for all.

I am very much looking forward to working with you the whole year through and I am always ready to hear your suggestions and ideas.

May Hashem bless our joint venture with Siyata Dishmaya and success.


Rabbi Chaim Rosenbaum

School Rabbi


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