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Welcome School Rabbi Letter

Welcome School Rabbi Letter

Dear Parents,

It is my pleasure and honor to welcome you back for a new school year that shall be blessed with success, and fulfillment B”H.
We have now entered the month of Adar and as our Sages teach us, we must fill it with joy.
I hope that this joy will permeate our student’s hearts the whole year through, and they shall look forward to each single day at Maimonides School.

You are entrusting us with that what is most precious to you: your dear children, and we hope to live up to your expectations.
Our main goal is to unify our whole community through the power of Torah study: unity is what gives us strength in our challenging times.
We strive to instill in our students the desire to grow in all domains: in Torah knowledge, in in-depth understanding, in strengthening their faith in Hashem and in developing a refined character, with respect and empathy for all.

We are happy to welcome Rav Daniel Segal, who has been nominated to the position of the Judaic Studies coordinator from 5th Grade boys and up. We wish him lots of Hatzlaja in his new position and are convinced that this shall contribute to the enhancement of all Torah studies.
Baruj Hashem, our school has grown significantly and we are proud to be able to organize a separate exclusive minyan for the High School boys -from 10th grade and up- that shall take place each morning at 7:45 in the Beit Midrash.

I am very much looking forward to working with you the whole year through and I am always ready to hear your suggestions and ideas.
May Hashem bless our joint venture with Siyata Dishmaya and success.

R. Chaim Rosenbaum
School Rabbi

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